Our Story

One day in 2018 Frank Duxbury was interviewing people  for a role in his garden centre. A chap called Robert applied. The conversation went like this. “So  tell me Robert what did you do before?” “Well Frank I worked at a garden building company for around 20 years and I managed the production of sheds, workshops and summer houses. I did the designs for bespoke buildings as you know people have different needs.”

The urge

Franks brain was ticking and always wanted to be in manufacturing. ” Did you enjoy that job?” “Loved it”  Robert went on to explain that the business had relocated  miles away.

So out it came ” How would you like to do it again, I have had another firm here and I think the quality can be improved do you fancy?” Robert was in a little shock he had come for an interview and now was to be involved in a new business. A wage was agreed plus 20% of the shares in the new company.

”Lets look at the ones that the other company supplies you Frank” The pair inspected a summer house that was on show in the plant area. “Wait a minute chirps Robert” he heaves the summer house plumb ” It was out of square and it was leaning. That is a quality issue” Robert went on to list a lot of improvements such as stronger thicker wood framing, “its not pressure treated or even stained on the inside. There really wasn’t much protection for the wood. So it was agreed that we would only use pressure treated wood.

summer house built to last
Strong thick wood for longevity

Value for money

An email was sent to the company asking them to remove their show pieces and Burlington garden Buildings was born. So why are we different? Frank and Robert totally agree on one simple value. The customer must get no brainer value for money on good quality garden buildings. A few sample buildings went up. A  facebook post went on for  Duxburys Garden Centre.

People came along and inspected the garden buildings and orders were made. and now we are enjoying word of mouth referrals.