storage sheds

How to choose a shed.

There could be 101 reasons for researching sheds, but most people fill them with stuff they don’t use. Lets talk about the good intentions for use. The main question to ask your self is do I want it to last a long time?

For many people the longevity goes out the window at the purchasing stage. Most folk are driven by price  and ultimately spend more by buying twice over the long term.

So how is a good shed made?

The easiest way to explain this for you is to  compare a very weedy man against a muscle man. Simply put. The frame needs to be strong and the wood needs to be in good condition. Here at Burlington Garden Buildings we make everything strong enough to test time.

Some sheds have fitted windows
Strong frame on garden building

Its all about the wood.

When doing your research always check the quality of the wood and its thickness. You will notice that most manufacturers use 1.5″ x 2″ wood framing to build their sheds. We use strong 3″ x 2″ wood framing. So why would we use so much wood after all is it really necessary? If you want your little building to stand the test of time and not sag then its a definite yes.

What is Pressure treating?

Basically pressure treating the wood helps it last for many years longer. The process involves forcing chemical into the wood under pressure. Most companies will not use this process to preserve the wood. So now you have 2 reasons why our buildings last longer. Besides using thicker wood and pressure treatment we also add extra wood into the roof system. Its unusual to fit this as this adds even more expense to the garden building. So why do we do this? Simply because we want your little building to last and we want you to tell your friends about our quality. Generally timber that is pressure treated has a green tinge to it. If the shed you are looking at is made from white untreated wood then you can see it easily as some of the outer paint will appear in between the boards.

Shed made from strong wood