Summer Houses

Summer houses designed for corners

Why choose a summer house?

Lots of people agree that summer houses are nice to look at but what about the practicalities? Buildings like these are a quick way of adding an extra room.  which can be easily placed almost anywhere in the garden. So why should anybody choose a wooden garden building? There are multiple reasons and advantages too. The best of all being the fact that you don’t have to mess with the local council for permission. This can save time and involvement with planners, architects and building control.

Things to look for

Whilst out and about researching its always best to know what to look for. Quality normally stands out but what if you only check out one garden building company? Our advice is to spend time and see a few companies. Its wise to go armed with a few points in mind. The main question you need to hold in your head is will it last? There are a few points  to look for in the framing. You need to be sure that the building won’t sag or lean. We would suggest that if you see any framing less than 3″x 2″ don’t bother to pursue any further as this will cause you trouble down the line.

Its very wise to make sure everything is pressure treated as this will ensure longevity. You really don’t want rotting wood. Some companies add a lot to the cost of this treatment. All of our wood is pressure treated for longevity and is included in the price.




summer house built to last